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EpiSwitch COVID Severity Test is an advanced blood test that measures YOUR patient’s likelihood of a severe immune response if infected by SARS-CoV-2.

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EpiSwitch COVID-19 Severity Test
EpiSwitch CST assesses the risk that COVID-19 poses to an individual.

Many people have questions about how COVID-19 may affect them. “What will happen if I get infected?” “Will I have a severe immune response?” “I am at risk for being hospitalized?”

EpiSwitch CST is the first and only commercially-available blood test for the prediction of COVID-19 severity in ANY adult, independent of COVID-19 status.

The test is designed to provide healthcare professionals (HCPs) and their adult patients with actionable decision-making information regarding infection mitigation during the COVID-19 pandemic based on the unique 3D genetic immune profile of each individual.

Benefits of EpiSwitch CST
Effective risk management with guidance from EpiSwitch CST.


EpiSwitch CST delivers critical information based on genetic markers to aid in determining an individual’s level of risk. While age and known pre-existing conditions are a proxy for risk, such population-based metrics may or may not apply to a given individual.


EpiSwitch CST helps identify individuals who would most likely have a severe immune response, independent of their COVID-19 status––including those never infected, those who have been infected, and those who are currently infected.


EpiSwitch CST offers high sensitivity and specificity to predict immune response by measuring six genetic markers to assign an individual to a risk category.


Order an EpiSwitch CST blood test today and get results in 48-72 hours.

Features of EpiSwitch CST

EpiSwitch CST helps adults understand and cope with the risks that COVID-19 poses to them.
The EpiSwitch CST report provides HCPs and their patients with an easy-to-understand molecular assessment of risk for a severe immune response to COVID-19.

EpiSwitch CST Report
Personalize your guidance for each patient.

The EpiSwitch CST report includes clear guidance for HCPs to interpret an adult patient’s risk score and formulate an effective management plan.

Individuals with an EpiSwitch CST score >75% are at increased probability of experiencing a severe immune response, also known as an immune-storm reaction, to COVID-19. Such individuals should be counseled on their risk level and may benefit from a mitigation-strategy review to avoid infection. In the event of infection, early use of medications or other interventions are recommended.

Those at average risk should not be construed as having no risk; complications that do not require critical care are possible.

Risk results do not provide information about an individual’s risk of becoming infected. Regardless of risk results, government and local health-department guidelines must be followed to avoid transmitting the virus.

EpiSwitch CST Results
EpiSwitch CST is a validated prognostic tool for predicting a severe immune response to COVID-19.

EpiSwitch CST measures six genetic markers to determine risk category.

EpiSwitch CST was developed using epigenetic data obtained from COVID-19 patients in North America, South America, and Europe.

Positive Predictive Value:
Negative Predictive Value:
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